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Emergency Ordinance: update 30. March 2020

“As long as there is not sufficient awareness among young people of the need to change their behaviour for the vulnerable others and the elderly, we will not be able to control the corona virus”. (Dr. John Kamsteeg)

We continue to follow the Dutch government’s advice and monitor the situation daily. We will publish updated information in various languages in the news section of our website: https:/

  • We are open and you can reach us by phone or mail
  • We have longer opening hours with a lunch break
  • There are no restrictions on sending samples
  • The Thyroid test has a delay of approximately 5 days
  • Duration amino acids analysis is approximately 6 weeks
  • You are kindly requested to not hoard KEAC tests

We recognise and appreciate that health professionals will play an important role in helping clients to manage their stress and anxiety levels. We believe it is equally important to consider and address health and safety for yourself and your clients. When we have information that we think is useful to share, we will post it on our news pages. Visitors and technicians are welcome if their visit is absolutely necessary and they are requested to strictly abide to the regulations.

Sending in samples
There are no restrictions on sending in samples at this time. If you live in Germany, please use our post office address in Aachen, which you will find in your test instructions. If you live in other countries please use our post office address which you will find in your test instrucions an on the box.

Covid-19 testing takes priority at KEAC but is time-consuming and occupies our personnel around the clock. Therefore, it will sometimes take a little longer for you to get your results. You are kindly requested to restrict your emails and telephone calls to those which are absolutely necessary at this very busy time for us. The virus cannot be transmitted by mail or package, therefore sending them by post is preferable. In order to prevent the virus from spreading from person to person, we are taking additional measures, shown below. The health and safety of every human being is paramount, therefore please respect the following rules when delivering tests to KEAC.

Delivery of goods
Ring the doorbell and place the package on the floor. For your own safety, step back, keeping a distance of 2 metres.  Sometimes, you may have to wait longer than usual and we apologize for this. You sign the confirmation yourself and we will provide you with a three-digit code, if necessary.

Receipt of goods
Until further notice, it is no longer possible to pick up goods; we prefer to send them by post or by other means.

We can help each other if we are able to develop an awareness in younger people that they need to change their behaviour for the sake of the elderly and other vulnerable people. This is absolutely necessary to get the virus under control. Therefore, awareness is of paramount importance, in addition to maintaining social distance, washing hands and other control measures.

Dr. John Kamsteeg is director of KEAC Parkstad and also the author of many books on nutrition and additives. He gives refresher courses and conducts scientific research. He publishes regularly in orthomolecular journals. Dr. John Kamsteeg ist Direktor von KEAC Parkstad und auch Autor vieler Bücher über Ernährung und Zusatzstoffe. Er gibt Auffrischungskurse und betreibt wissenschaftliche Forschung. Er publiziert regelmäßig in orthomolekularen Zeitschriften.