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More than one thousand individuals with hemopyrrolactamuria (HPU) who have completed the questionnaire below will be included in research in collaboration with a University Research Center. The purpose of this process is to provide a second screening questionnaire to gather further evidence of HPU in these individuals. A screening questionnaire is also of great importance for school doctors to be able to diagnose the disorder in children.

The questionnaire is eventually linked to the individuals’s HPU test results as well as to any other test carried out such as histamine whole blood test, fructosamine test, zinc and copper status, and tests investigating hormonal regulation.

Please contact our center to see which tests in this list may be of interest to you and appropriate to carry out for your individual research.

The KEAC has compiled a database of results gathered from 5,338 completed questionnaires. The results can be seen in a report report of individuals with an HPL value of greater than 1 μmol/l.

Hormonal Regulation

Hormonale regulation
I need(ed) to urinate frequently70,0%
I have/had a low blood pressure44,0%
I regularly feel full after eating54,0%
I regularly have complaints of a sour stomach44,0%
I often have to break wind after a meal66,0%
I am hungry between meals80,0%
I have a lot of hair on my body20,0%
I have dry eyes, nose, mouth and vagina50,0%


I am a perfectionist70,0%
I like to be with people84,0%
I can feel if I can trust someone62,0%
I consider a clean house as important64,0%
I have an eye for detail74,0%
I like to have colors perfectly matched58,0%
I have no trouble matching colors68,0%
I am often impatient68,0%
During my education there was a period with poor grades72,0%
I have not finished at least two courses, which I started46,0%
I can be compulsive40,0%

Joint problems

Joint problems
I used to dislike gym.58,0%
I can barely do push ups or pull myself up in rings or I have trouble climbing a rope68,0%
I have regular pain in my knees66,0%
Mainly left14,0%
Mainly right24,0%
I used to be very nimble, even hypermobile42,0%
Often I am stiff in the morning56,0%
I had a spinal hernia6,0%
There seems to be a lot of clearance in my jaws32,0%
I had pelvic instability18,0%
I have low back problems around the time of my periods64,0%
I use to practise gymnastics, ballet or jazz ballet48,0%
I hear ringing or rushing sound in my ears44,0%
I am often dizzy62,0%

Sunlight sensitivity

Sensitivity to sun or light
I don’t tolerate heat very well62,0%
When it’s sunny, I usually wear sunglasses64,0%
I am very sensitive to sun or light44,0%
If I am exposed to the sun, I usually get a rash or blisters after a few days (sun allergy)40,0%
I don’t tan as much as I used to do44,0%
I usually tan to a yellow- or golden brown color, but not a intense brown color52,0%
My face usually tans less than the rest of my body46,0%
I often look pale68,0%
I lose my tan rapidly58,0%
Stretch marks (such as during pregnancy) tend to be darker than te surrounding skin4,0%


I have hay fever (polinosis) (itchy eyes ogen, running nose or stopped nose) mainly in summer36,0%
I am allergic to the house dust mite (itchy eyes ogen, running nose or stopped nose in winter)40,0%
I have chronic ENT problems (ear, nose or throat)38,0%
II have lung problems (CNLSD, shortness of breath wheezing, bronchitis)30,0%
I have a food allergy54,0%
I am allergic to animals26,0%
I am sensitive to histamine (hyperreactivity)36,0%
I regularly have eczema or skin rash in my arm pits24,0%
I have / had a tingling sensation in my mouth after eating of34,0%
stone fruit (plum, peach and apricot)14,0%
I get skin problems after using certain cosmetics38,0%
I am allergic to nickel or get skin rashes after contact with certain jewellery62,0%
I am allergic to wool20,0%
I am allergic or sensitive to gluten; I do not tolerate wheat, rye, barley or oats very well28,0%
I don’t tolerate alcohol very well56,0%
I don’t tolerate coffee very well42,0%
I don’t tolerate carbohydrates or sugars very well42,0%
I don’t tolerate a lot of protein (barbecue) very well (especially animal protein like meat, fish or poultry)38,0%


Histamine sensitiviteit
I am often very tired90,0%
I have a very sensitive skin; I have skin problems62,0%
I have a dry itchy skin54,0%
I often have cold hands or feet82,0%
I have chillblains on hand and feet (chapped hand or feet in the cold38,0%
I easily get bruises on my arms or legs64,0%
I often get a headache or migraine60,0%
After drinking alcoholic beverages I get noticeably red in my face and neck22,0%
I have a bad set of teeth (more than seven dental fillings)50,0%
If I gain weight, it is usually on the hips and thighs62,0%
I am or was depressed64,0%
I sometimes get a racing or bounding pulse or skipp hart beats50,0%
I am very critical72,0%


Menstruale complaints
My periods are irregular41,9%
I have skipped a period, sometimes longer than eight weeks34,9%
I have light periods25,6%
I have heavy periods51,2%
I am using the pill to control menstrual complaints37,2%
During or before my period I have a sensitive, swollen breasts, bloated abdomen, abdominal pain or back pain de menstruatie72,1%
During or before my periods I can easily gain weight of more than two pounds67,4%
I ofen have problems with vaginal Candida-infections (white trush)67,4%
During ovulation, I have a lot of clear discharge37,2%
I often have a cystitis (bladder infection)25,6%
I regularly have a urinary tract or kidney infection0,0%
I have had problem with breast cysts9,3%
I have had a lot of body hair23,3%
I use anti-conception48,8%


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Weight problems

Weight problems
What is your weight in kilo’s?
What is your length in centimeters?
I have put on weight12,0%
From birth I was a chubby child10,0%
Relatively early, at about 10 years of age, puberty (hair and breast growth) gaining weight started10,0%
About 1-2 years after my first menstrual period, gaining weight started26,0%
After the second or third pregnancy, gaining weight started8,0%
After menopause, weight gain started4,0%
I have difficulties losing weight by dieting32,0%
After losing weight, I seem to gain it back within a short period of time30,0%

Sugar problems

Sugar problems
I usually feel tense52,0%
If I feel tense, I tend to eat46,0%
I have a big appetite but don’t gain weight22,0%
I get hungry between meals78,0%
I get shaky, dizzy and nauseated when I get hungry70,0%
I am early tense, irritated or nervous before the warm meal38,0%
I am less tired when I eat something46,0%
If I skip a meal, I get shaky, pale, get dizzy er even faint38,0%
I wake up most nights at 3 AM44,0%
I can be really aggressive at times48,0%

General health complaints

General health problems
I have / had anemia60,0%
I am often pale in the face68,0%
I have an abnormal reaction to sleeping pills (barbiturates)8,0%
I am / was vegetarian for more than 6 months8,0%
As a kid, I was very excited or upset34,0%
I have regular diarrhea – also mushy bowel movement54,0%
I have constipation on a regular basis42,0%
My stool is regularly light in color46,0%
I suffered from abdominal pain in the upper area52,0%
I am suffering from an irritated bowel or spastic intestine64,0%
I am suffering from morning sickness26,0%
I have / had a candida (mold) infection in the intestine42,0%
I have calcareous nails; I have white moldy nails22,0%
I have taken antibiotics very often44,0%
I had pneumonia a few times6,0%
I had meningitis2,0%
I had bronchitis30,0%
I had piperic gland disease36,0%
I have a visibly enlarged thyroid gland-a thickening on my neck10,0%
I have had restless legs34,0%
I have sleeping problems60,0%
I get cramps regularly54,0%
I am sensitive to pain52,0%
I sometimes have double vision24,0%
My eyelids are shaking regularly44,0%
My calves are always tight or tense28,0%
My muscles will sometimes shake60,0%
I suffer from a deviant body odor16,0%
I often have white spots on my nails34,0%
I am often suffering from bad breath34,0%
I have often caught a cold38,0%
I often have a dry skin60,0%
My mother was pretty manipulatieve while growing up28,0%
When I go with someone in the car, I am under the impression that cars are approaching me18,0%
When I go with someone in the car, I am under the impression that the driver is not keeping enough distance50,0%