HPU Morning Urine Test

This receptable used for collection and transport of a HPU morning urine contains:

1.Rigid Safetybag (receptables for the transport of diagnostic specimens like urine):
– a plastic PE safety bag as secondary packaging (180 x 105 mm, 3 gram, 7 µm thick);
– a hard PP protective sleeve (100 x 65 x 22 mm, 8 gram);
– absorbing envelope wrapped around the sleeve (110 x 80 mm), 1.6 gram;
– a CE polypropylen transport tube with polyethylen cap (HD-PE) (10 ml, 92 x 15.3 mm RCF 3000 x g);
– containing 0.5 g ascorbic acid 99.9% for medical purposes (food supplement) as preservative;
– a CE LD-PE Transfer pipette (6 ml, 146 mm) for the transfer of urine from collection device to the transport tube.

2. Documents
– Laboratory request sheet
– Sampling instructions

3. Cardboard box for return shipment
– a cardboard box with postage-free return address 171 x 124 x 27 mm
– two transparent round stickers to close the box

Abbreviations used
CE      Conformité Européenne
HD     High density
LD     Low density
PE      Polyethylen
PP      Polypropylen
RCF    Relative Centrifugal Force (RCF) or Relative Centrifugal Accelertion is the
amount of acceleration to be applied to the sample. It depends on the amount of
revolutions per minute (RPM) and the radius of the rotor, and is relative to the
force of Earth’s gravity.