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Health Programme Check-up

In addition to a simple medical examination, a check-up or health research may be carried out to assess an individual’s health. The  purpose of the Health Programme is to keep individuals with key professional roles in optimal health.

In some services, companies may have a single employee on standby, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, who is required to intervene immediately in the case of an emergency. An example is a programmer for the water balance of water-attractions in large holiday parks. This individual may be responsible for several parks in different countries and must travel immediately to a site in the case of an emergency. Therefore, the health of such an individual will be highly valued by his employer .

Though an individual may feel relatelively healthy, they may still have regular, minor discomforts and, therefore, are not experiencing optimal health. A Health Programme Check-up is able to assess any health issues and associated risks.

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Top athletes and people with a stressful jobs can benefit from this kind of assessment, so it can be carried out even in individuals who frequently use of multi vitamins, and in those who have no specific deficiencies.

Nutrition and well-being are by far the most important modifiable factors that determine human health, alongside accountability and positive experiences. Both excesses or deficiencies will eventually have a negative impact on health. This problem is complicated by the fact that optimal values are not the same for everyone.

The main reason for this is biochemical individuality, meaning that the nutritional needs of healthy individuals can differ eneomously. Furthermore stress, tension, the use of stimulants and drugs, and exposure to environmentally harmful substances all increase the need for essential nutrients.

There are many ways to measure these values. The challenge is that different values may be present inside and outside the cell, in the blood or in the serum. Sometimes it is easier to investigate to investigate the metabolic process which depends on the vitamin or mineral, such as an amino acid analysis. In this way, it becomes quickly clear whether certain deficiencies are present. Such analysis is easier and less expensive than a full mineral and vitamin investigation.

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