Frequently ask questions

I have been taking a high-dose vitamin B-complex for quite a while. Is it still possible to perform the HPU-urine test?

Dr. J. Kamsteeg: “The test result is not reliable in this case, because a B-complex will also contain vitamin B6. The subsequent HPU-score will be lower than if you had not been taking this supplement. In order to get a reliable test result, you will have to stop taking this supplement for several months prior to taking the HPU test. This is not recommended, however, because your HPU-related symptoms will worsen considerably. One possibility is to take the HPU test anyway and, from the results of the test, make an estimate of the original HPU score. If you’ve been taking a daily dose of at least 100mg vitamin B6 for longer than three months, your HPU score will always be lower than 0,4µmol/l if there is a good control of the HPU. By taking at least 75 mg B6 during at least three months, the score is lowered with approximately 0,5 µmol/l. In case of at least 50mg B6 for three months, the score will be approximately 0,25 µmol/l lower.
Another possibility is to get an indication of HPU by performing a porphyria-screening and/or further blood tests. It is also possible to test someone else in your immediate family. Your mother is the best option for this, otherwise test your daughter or sister. If you are male and your mother has a negative test result, the chance that you’ll have a positive HPU-score is very small since HPU rarely occurs in men.”

I have HPU, with many psychological complaints. I recently took Depyrrol Basis but my depression is gradually increasing. What should I do?

Dr. J. Kamsteeg: “Our advice is to swallow a much lower dose for psychological problems such as schizophrenia, depression, psychosis and a lot of psychological stress. For example, take a capsule every other day. Or take one capsule of Depyrrol-Plus or Depyrrol Kind, because these preparations contain half a dose of the Depyrrol base. In case of emerging depression or psychosis, treatment should be stopped immediately. In that case, please contact your attending physician, therapist or with the KEAC for further advice. In these cases, zinc is often continued, possibly manganese, and the administration of pyridoxal-5-phosphate is gradually built up through the use of regular vitamin B6. ”

I am pregnant. Is it risky to continue to take Depyrrol?

Dr. J. Kamsteeg: “There are no safety guarantees with regard to Depyrrol. This is also the reason why we should discourage use during pregnancy. But we have no reason to say: ‘It is dangerous for the unborn fetus’. If you look at the ingredients pyridoxal-5-phosphate, zinc and manganese, there is no cause for concern. No warnings have ever been issued for these substances in relation to pregnancy. In addition, we know many patients who have continued treatment during a pregnancy, because shortly after they had stopped their symptoms were already returning. Those who continue the treatment are probably less likely to develop pelvic complaints during pregnancy. But we advise to switch to a maximally dosed maternity multi, for example Prenatal N from Euro-Nutri. Then you know for sure that no problems will arise for the fruit. ”

I have an HPU-score of 1.0µmol/l and my sister has 1.3 µmol/l., yet I am the one with more symptoms. How is that possible?

Dr. Kamsteeg: “The level of the HPU-score does not at have any correlation with the severity of complaints. The HPU excretion in your urine does not directly contribute to your complaints. There is only an indirect relationship between your HPU value and your state of health, because your HPU-inclination changes biochemical processes in the body and certain compounds start to accumulate. That mechanism determines the severity and degree of symptoms in the long run. This is why someone with an HPU value 1.0 µmol/l sometimes experiences more problems than someone with an HPU value of 1.5 µmol/l. Because of the low soluability of HPL you will excrete less with low volumes in 24 hour”

My daughter started treatment much later than I did. It is already a lot better with her, while I hardly experience any progress.?

Dr. Kamsteeg: “In children, the therapy generally has a much faster effect than in adults. Children often make significant progress in six weeks, while adults usually have a long way to go for many months. Children can also reduce the treatment much more easily. They do not have to keep swallowing. In case of a relapse, the Depyrrol can be used again for a certain period. There are also adults who can, after nine months, for example, reduce the treatment or reduce the dose. But there are also women who can not be without the nutritional supplement for one day. They immediately experience a deterioration. By the way: not all children burst up at lightning speed. Sometimes there is a blockage somewhere in the system that prevents a child from responding to the treatment. Consider, for example, HPU children with pituitary thyroid problems. When this problem is not solved, Depyrrol does virtually nothing in these patients. The accumulation and fixation of certain substances in the tissue is of course far from advanced in children.”

I am HPU-positive, just like my two daughters. I recognise a lot of HPU-related symptoms in my very oldelderly mother. Does treatment still make sense in her case?

Dr. J. Kamsteeg: “That’s hard to say. The prognosis for elderly women is not very bright. In general, the later a positive HPU-value is established, the harder it is to treat. Once age progresses there are so many compounds stored in the tissues so that it is very hard to remove them with treatment. If you find someone of 72 or 82 years old with a positive HPU-test, he or she will probably have symptoms for the remainder life, even with treatment. This does not mean that treatment at this age does not make a difference. There are elderly people who have undergone treatment and who say: After treatment, I feel physically the same but I felt great changes psychological’. Someone even said: “I would not have wanted to die without this having had this experience”.


One of my brothers has HPU but has always been much worse than his two 'HPU sisters', especially psychic. However, he has an HPU score of 1.4 μmol / l, which you according to the book Do you have HPU? actually can not expect psychiatric problems. What's up with that?

Dr. J. Kamsteeg: “You can hardly see high HPU scores in men. A test result of, for example, 1.8 μmol / l is very high for a man. Men who are HPU positive, however, have serious complaints. Especially heavy, psychological problems are often at the forefront. A condition like schizophrenia mainly occurs in men. An important part of these patients probably have pyrroluria; a link with HPU has not been established so far “.

As of what age is it possible to perform an HPU-test?

Dr. J. Kamsteeg: “It is already possible to conduct the HPU on someone of any age, even a baby. The HPU-score is however a “stress-induced” condition (a positive HPU-value develops after exposure to stress). It would not be necessary to test babies as normally they are found to be without stress. The KEAC researched this in a group of young girls. They had a value of approximately 0.75µmol/l. However, three months after their first period, these values increased to 1.2 to 1.4. We now know that menstruation has a large impact. My advice is to test a child if he or she exhibits HPU related symptoms. If the result is normal, then test again when the girl is 15 or 16 years old.”

I have HPU and suffer from overweight. Which diet offers a solution?

Dr. J. Kamsteeg: “The diets from Montignac and Dr. Atkins are the only ones that offer a solution at HPU. But you can not have too high expectations from Montignac. I always say: ‘If you lose almost one kilogram of weight every month, you lose more than ten kilos a year later’. Incidentally, successful HPU treatment can also contribute to weight loss. HPU patients who are less depressed than before are less likely to grab sweets. Moreover, there is more energy and therefore more exercise, with weight loss as a result. In patients with a major emotional problem in the past, you sometimes see the weight gradually increase when using Depyrrol. We have the impression that part of the problem lies in the production of thyroid hormone peripherally in the cell. Research after this has been started”.

I suspect that I tolerate gluten badly. What is the use of the total gluten test of the KEAC?

Dr. Kamsteeg: “With hormonal changes, the production of antibodies of the IgA type decreases. That is where the meaning of the total gluten test lies. This test measures how much IgA is consumed for the neutralization of gluten. Is that a lot, then you must minimize the use of gluten. Is that little, then there is no reason to change the power supply. By tapping the food, the consumption of IgA can be reduced. IgA is used to neutralize foreign protein. As a result, the production of IgA can be used for other purposes, such as neutralizing house dust, pollen or sperm. Not only a gluten-poor diet but also a condom can reduce the consumption of IgA and protect women with HPU from all kinds of allergic reactions”.

I am a medical specialist in gynaecology and I also have HPU. I my pratice it strikes me that more HPU-patients have nausea and vomitting in pregnancy, than others. Did you find this too? Is there a relationship between TSH- and/or the prenancy hormone hCG and NVP?

Dr. J. Kamsteeg: “Peak concentrations of hCG and the most rapid rate of rise correspond to the time of maximal NVP (nausea and vomiting in pregnancy) between 8-12 week gestation. Several authors have studied the hCG concentrations in women but the results are not consistent. Goodwin found that hCG was elevated in women with vomiting compared to gestational age-matched controls, but there was significant overlap. But there are women high in hCG which have no morning sickness at all. The consistent finding that NVP is more common with multiple gestation in which hCG is significantly elevated compared to singletons, supports this observations as well. It has also been noted that mothers carrying foetuses with Down’s syndrome, a condition associated with elevated hCG, are more likely to have NVP. By way of contrast, women with trisomy 18, in which hCG is very low, report much less nausea in pregnancy.
The rise in hCG corresponds temporally to a consistent thyroid stimulation in the mother (Goodwin). Since hCG closely resembles its sister glycoprotein hormone, thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), it has been stated that hCG is the thyroid stimulator of pregnancy. The observation is, that NVP correlates closely with the degree of biochemcial hyperthyroidism.
During early pregnancy, the high circulationg levels of hCG could be responsible for the transient thyroid stimulation leading to hyperemesis. The mechanism known as “specificity spillover” could explain the ability of hCG to stimulate the TSH-receptor. The specificity spillover is related to the structural homology between hCG and TSH molecules, and between there mutual receptors (Asteria, 1999).
In patients that excrete pyrroles with the urine, pregnancy problems are often found. The TSH is suppressed and is seldom above 2.0 mIU/l before pregnancy, although the FT4 and FT3 are within normal range. TSH is decreased much more clearly in the first decade of pregnancy when hCG rises. It seems as if hCG rises to higher levels as in other patient.”

I have a patient with HPU and she has spots without pigments all over her skin called vitiligo. Is their any connection with HPU?

Dr. J. Kamsteeg: “Almost all patients with vitiligo have raised antibodies against their own thyroid especially thyroid peroxidase (anti-TPO). Over 90 Percent of the patients also has Hashimoto disease. Of the HPU-patients 42 percent had anti-TPO antibodies. As a lot of HPU patients therefore have Hashimoto as well, there is a connection between HPU and vitiligo. The risk of developing an auto-immune disease is much higher if one alreadyhas one certain auto-immune disease. The daily use of organic selenium compounds, like methyl seleniumcystein 200 mcg, reduces the amount of antibodies gradually over years.”

I have HPU with thyroid problems (Hashimoto disease). These problems started after the my last pregnancy months's ago. A gained weight during pregnancy, was tired and feeled depressend and was not able to loose some weight. My liver values after my pregnancy were slightly increased, as was my TSH-value. Also my cholesterol level was increased. Do I have an increased risk on hart and vascular diseases?

Dr. J. Kamsteeg: “Hashimoto disease, in which antibodies are raised against your thyroid, most often thyroid peroxidase, starts very often between one and three month’s after delivery. This disease which is marked by a thyroid hypofunction, really starts with a period of thyroid hyperfunction. In a later phase, periods with hypofunction can even alternate with periods of normal or hyperfunction.
In the beginning of the period with thyroid under function the liver values GGT, ASAT and ALAT are increased. The increased liver values can be increased by inflammation of the gall ducts (for PBC look for antibodies against cell mitochondria; AMA) or liver. In this case cholesterol is increased and the relationship between LDL- and HDL-cholesterol is important. In the case that LDL-cholesterol is increased a treatment is necessary. When both LDL- and HDL-cholesterol are increased, treatment is less important. We use methyl selencystein for reductiegetal the antibodies gradually over months to years.”

Why do men rarely have a positive score on an HPU-test?

Dr. J. Kamsteeg: “It is estimated that less than one percent of all men have a positive score on an HPU-test, while in at least one in ten women, a positive value can be expected. An explanation is beyond all conjecture. One assumption is that the male embryo’s with a HPU-inclination usually resuluts early or late miscarriages. This may also explain why women with a positive HPU-score often have more sisters than brothers and more daughters than sons. This phenomenon would possibly have something to do with a greater need of zinc in case of the male embryo. Another hypothesis is that the egg cells of ‘HPU-women’ manage to keep away sperm cells with a Y-chromosome. In a case of a family, in which the DNA of the sperm cell was injected directly into the egg cell of the woman, this resulted into four sons with a positive HPU score.