HPU Screening


Purchase instructions

Tests will be invoiced to you after you submit your test. You pay when you send back the test to us.

Pay attention:

  •  If you do not indicate a doctor/specialist/health practitioner as an applicant on your form, you will need to pay 21% VAT
  • For all  tests, a fee of € 7.50 is charged for custom clearance and taxes.
  • Please note that you will not receive a result if we have not received your (advance) payment or bank details.



The HPU screening by means of a blood test consists of:

  • a determination of the blood sugar level (fructosamine) because the tendency is to convert fructose less quickly into glucose;
  • a gluten (wheat, barley, rye and oat cereal protein) sensitivity test (IgA- Total Glut Test);
  • a test that measures the quantity of histamine that the body holds and which does not come from allergy (the whole blood histamine test);
  • diamine oxidase;
  • and simple thyroid hormone screening (TSH).

You can take the test to your hospital clinic or GP lab for the blood sample. You must return the test yourself .