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    Please note:
    • If you are not a doctor/medical specialist as an applicant on the form initially to pay 21% VAT.
    • In all 24-hour testing is € 7.50 for material/shipping costs added to the price of the test..

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    You can request a test kit in order to test your first morning urine on the hemopyrrollactamcomplex (HPU-test). Although a 24-hour test is more reliable, but we do not recommend such a test for people younger than 18 year. For children and youg adults up to 18 years, if they are not chronically ill or do not have to urinate at night, a morning midstream urine test is sufficient.

    The set includes an instruction and explanation, a urine tube, a transfer pipette and a lab form. In the tube is a preservative that makes sure that the urine sample has a 10 days shelf life at room temperature. One week prior to the test you may not take vitamin B6, multivitamin or pyridoxaal-5-phosphate or zinc in high dose (over 50 mg). After you have filled the tube with urine, you can send it back to the address indicated. Within two weeks, you will be informed whether hemopyrrollactam is found in your urine and how much.

    The original HPU-test® cost € 53.65. If you do not have a doctor on the application form, you need to pay 21% VAT. The test costs than € 64.89

    Where you need to watch out for:
    – With extended use of vitamin B6 or pyridocaal-5-phosphate 50 mg or more per day of the test can give false-negative. It should then be corrected for the found value.
    – You must not catch on to the urine after a long period of rest (for example, vacation).
    – You must not catch on to the urine during or shortly after a course of antibiotics.
    – You must not catch on to the urine just after menstruation.
    – Drink for the test no large amounts of alcoholic beverages.
    – Do not test shortly after an iron-drip. The test is negative.

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