IL-8 (Interleukine) in 24 hour urine

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Tests are currently invoiced retrospectively after submission of the test.

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  • When you request a test as a private person (or order a test at the request of a practitioner other than a doctor, medical specialist or hospital laboratory) you are legally obliged to pay 21% VAT. The VAT will automatically be added to the price in the shopping basket. If you request the test on behalve of a doctor or medical specialist, your test is exempt from VAT.
  • For all 24 hour urine tests, € 7.50 for materials/packaging costs will be charged. When you receive or pick up the test from your handler, no shipping costs will be charged.
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You can order a test to check your 24-hour urine for interleukin-8 (IL-8 test 24-hour urine). A 24-hour test is more reliable than a morning urine, but we do not recommend such a test for people under 20 years old; for children and adolescents who are not chronically ill or need to urinate at night, a morning urine (mid-flow) is sufficient. Low-volume individuals often have high IL-8 levels.

The set includes a 3.2 liter brown collecting container,  an instruction and explanation, a urine tube, a transfer pipette and a laboratory request sheet.  After filling the urine tube with urine, you can return it to the address provided. Within 6-8 weeks, you will get the results of whether and how much IL-8 is in your urine. Elevated levels indicate chronic stress. This test can easily be combined with a 24-hour HPU test or a T3/T4 thyroid test. w

The original 24-hour IL-8 test costs €88.00. If you do not enter a doctor on the laboratory form, you will have to pay 21% VAT. The test will then cost €106.48. A shipping fee of €7.50 is charged for all 24-hour tests. If you get the test from a practitioner, you do not pay shipping costs.

Mark that:

– You should not collect the urine after a long period of rest (for example a vacation).

– You should not collect the urine during or soon after a course of antibiotics.

– You should not collect the urine just after your menstruation; wait at least 4 days.

– During the test don’t use large amounts of alcoholic beverages.

– You should not collect urine after an accident, burn, inflammation or surgery.

– When the container is not large enough, you can use another receiver or clean bucket. Pour the total content of the brown collection bottle in the bucket when the container is nearly full. The brown container you can use to determine the total volume.