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Si c’est la première fois que vous entendez parler de HPU, nous vous recommandons de procéder comme suit pour une première information :

Remplissez d’abord notre questionnaire sur internet. Vous pourrez ainsi savoir dans quelle mesure vous pourriez être concerné par HPU et si un test HPU (HPU-Test®) pourrait être utile pour vous. Vous pouvez le remplir maintenant et faire calculer le résultat. En plus du nombre de points, vous recevrez également des informations s’il est utile pour vous de faire faire un test ou non. Le questionnaire sur internet, que vous pouvez démarrer en bas, vous aide à déterminer si vous avez une HPU. Il est recommandé de faire faire le test uniquement si vous avez assez de « points » dans le questionnaire. Il est inutile de le faire faire si vous n’avez pas assez de points. Pour chaque catégorie du questionnaire il y a un passage où l’apparition de certains problèmes de santé et le contexte sont expliqués.

  • Les questions se réfèrent parfois uniquement au présent. Toutefois, réfléchissez toujours d’abord si vous avez ou aviez ces problèmes. Chez des jeunes personnes qui ne sont pas encore assez âgées il se peut que beaucoup de ces problèmes se développent plus tard. Pensez aussi à la santé d’autres membres de votre famille, en particulier de votre mère, grand-mères et tantes.
  • Renseignez-vous sur ce que HPU signifie pour la personne concernée. Vous trouverez sur la page internet une description, (vous trouverez une présentation plus approfondie dans le chapitre « Recherche »), l’histoire de HPU, des symptômes fréquents chez des adultes et des enfants et les questions les plus fréquentes (FAQ) sur HPU. Vous trouverez d’autres informations dans notre notice d’information et dans le livre du Dr Kamsteeg « HPU et ensuite…? » Sachez que vous pouvez acheter ce livre – si vous avez un test HPU positif – avec une réduction de prix et le faire envoyer chez vous sans d’autres frais.

Le questionnaire a été développé dans le but d’être utilisé par un médecin ou un naturopathe et ne peut remplacer un diagnostic d’un médecin ou naturopathe.
Si vous avez l’impression de souffrir d’une HPU ou si le questionnaire donne un résultat positif, veuillez l’indiquer à votre thérapeute et lui demander de se renseigner de l’HPU. Votre thérapeute peut demander des informations auprès du « KEAC Parkstad ».

Commencer le questionnaire en ligne

Les cases à cocher si la question s’applique à vous.

• Si vous avez moins de 6 points, vous devriez avoir un résultat négatif lors d’un test d’urine.
• Entre 7 et 9 points, il n’est pas certain qu’un test HPU soit positif.
Si vous êtes entre 10 et 12 points, il est vraisemblable que vous ayez une valeur positive.
Entre 13 et 14 points il est très probable que vous soyez positif, et en fonction de votre nombre de points, vous pouvez décider si un test est utile pour vous.

Explanation of the questionnaire

Hormonal Regulation

HPU patients usually have a decrease in the TSH production by the pituitary (lower than 2 – usually written as <2 on the test results list). This decrease can cause problems with the adrenals, the pancreas (problems with blood sugar, intestinal complaints like gas after a meal) and the stomach (a full feeling, later on acid stomach). The problems with the adrenals can be suspected if there is low blood pressure present and you have to urinate frequently. Initially only TSH will be tested. If you have low blood pressure and/or you have frequent urination, then cortisol can also be tested. If blood cortisol is tested, it has to be drawn before 10 AM. Because there is less apt to be a deviation is blood cortisol, salivary cortisol production is tested during the day. Usually there will be a deviation toward a high morning production.

Character traits

The character traits listed in the questionnaire are typical for someone with HPU, especially the perfectionist trait, the ability to combine colours well and being somewhat impatient. Even so, not all these traits are necessarily present. The HPU-person usually has the tendency to carry things through, but being impulsive sometimes does not always complete a study or leaves projects unfinished. In this area there are usually 6 or more traits. 

Problems with the joints

The problems with not being able to climb in rings or ropes (you can also read in any problem with muscles in the upper arms like not being able to do push-ups) indicate a reduced musculature in the arms, which is very typical for HPU. Some of the other traits are mentioned such as problems with the knees (usually the left one), the pelvic instability, hernia, extra mobility in the joints like the jaws and suppleness in other joints. These are typical and indicate the possibility of HPU. In some cases it can be the other way around, that is: you could be especially stiff.

Sunlight sensitivity

The HPU-patient is very sensitive to light, to pain and sound. This can vary to degrees. The face is usually pale, the rest of the skin can get golden brown. As the person ages, the ability to tan decreases. These people can even develop a sun allergy in the spring. In this category there are usually 5 or more traits scored.


Due to the distress syndrome with the eventual decrease in the production of protective IgA antibodies, we see a lot of allergies even though there is no atopy, meaning that there is an increase in IgE antibodies. Typical is hay fever in the summer months, mostly without being able to detect IgE specific reactions. We also see these reactions for dust mites in the beginning of the central heating season and for sperm for those using the “pill”. Due to the limited production of the protective antibodies of type A, a relatively large amount will be used up in order to neutralise the sperm in the vagina. In this way there will be a deficiency in other parts of the body. That’s why vaginal infections caused by Candida are frequently seen (see also under menstrual problems). The reactions to stone fruit like peach, plum etc. are not actual allergies but pseudo allergic reactions. HPU-patients have poor digestion and assimilation of protein and carbohydrates. This is the reason we see so many allergies with these patients. In case of a lot of allergic symptoms it makes sense to test for IgE to rule out regular allergies. If total IgE is not elevated, then a IgG4 test for foods/yeast’s and fungus is sensible. In the case of chronic ENT complaints an alfa-1-antitrypsin test is advised.



Fatigue, skin problems, itch, cold hands and feet and extensive hair growth on the body are indications of a decrease in histamine. The other characteristics also belong to this category. Itch can also be caused from an elevated histamine. Then the complaints are the other way around. In this category there are usually quite a few yes’s scored, five or more.


Menstrual complaints

Skipping periods or only a small amount of blood flow are typical HPU-signs. The minimal blood loss can be an indication for anaemia. A disturbance in hormone regulation can be the cause of increased blood loss. This is usually accompanied with headache just before or during the menstruation. Distress can be the cause of bladder infections or repeated vaginal fungus infections. If there are a lot of symptoms, then it is advised to do testing for testosterone, estrogen, adrenaline and progesterone. In order to get a picture of the distress, prolactin can be tested. If it was present during the pregnancy, then the chance of depression after pregnancy is greater, including discharge from the nipples. .

Problems during pregnancy

Nausea during a long period can be a sign of HPU. Depending on the type of abnormality in the hormone regulation, either you felt much better or much worse during pregnancy. Your babies were probably born a little too early. The babies are usually mostly girls or if in combination with abnormality in histamine, mostly boys. If progesterone is decreased, then it will not be easy to get pregnant. If you have not been able to conceive, then it is advised to test for FSH (early menopause) and progesterone (the embryo can’t attach).

Weight Problems

Despite the fact that there are usually no abnormalities in thyroid hormone found, there are normally symptoms of a hypo-functioning of the thyroid. The increase in weight is usually caused by a another function of the thyroid or hyper-insulinism. By overweight, fasting insulin should be determined.


Problems with sugars

Although the symptoms seem to point to a reactive (up and down pattern) or low blood sugar, research shows that there is just as often high blood sugar. The diet is in both cases the same. The increased blood sugar is caused by incomplete activation and de-activation of insulin in the liver through glutathion action. Fructosamine determination should be done. A HbAlc can be substituted, but its range is not as broad. In this category there are usually a large number of symptoms scored (five or more).


General Health Problems

Constipation or diarrhoea are reason to determine total IgA total gluten. This is a different type of gluten sensitivity than with celiac disease. In addition, secondary magnesium deficiency can cause other problems. Migraine, twitching of muscles or eyelids and tense muscles are indications for determining magnesium levels.

HPU causes an “-itis” picture. “Itis” means inflammation which can be anywhere in the body. Some of these symptoms are caused by decreased immunity for bacteria, viruses, yeast’s and fungi.