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Welcome at KEAC Parkstad!

Here you will find more information about the tests we offer.

KEAC Parkstad

Here you find information about the activities that take place at our Centre and useful links about health, disease and nutrition. The KEAC is located on the Petrus Dorrstraat in Kerkrade, part of Parkstad Limburg.

A good cooperation both within the Centre as with the healthcare facilities in the Netherlands and the rest of the world is essential and means optimal care for each patient over the world. For 30 years the KEAC is worldwide a global understanding.

The KEAC organized the World Allergy Congress in Hoensbroek Castle and gives the annual refresher training to medical doctors both in and outside the Netherlands. The central idea: a comprehensive approach to disorders, questions, wishes or complaints by patients has remained all these years.

We aim to be a modern practice with all the possibilities that the internet offers.

Quality at KEAC Park City

  • Almost 30 years of experience
  • Conducts scientific research
  • Over 97% of tests DIN/ISO certified
  • Advanced, innovative and highest quality

Dr. J. Kamsteeg

„You can find deficiencies and deposits of minerals in one patient next to each other, from one tissue to another. We have never learned this during education and therefore never discovered it.”


  • Founder Database Food Allergy Combally
  • Own training MD & therapists great success
  • as best indicated on pyrroles

Own literature

  • Articles about pyrroles (HPU/KPU)
  • Articles about allergy (IgE/IgG)
  • Articles about intolerance (histamine)


  • Cooperates worldwide with many laboratories for optimal coverage research field


  • Gives on-line support to many doctors/specialists all over the world

Our books

These are the books that have been published by KEAC Park City. The prices on the website are including shipping. Ordering books on is cheaper than ordering it at other web shops.

The book ‘Jump to the sun, about autism with epilepsy’ can be ordered at as well. Trots Child coaching is part of KEAC Parkstad b.v.

  • Sprong naar de zon
  • HPU en dan…? (5 talen)
  • E=eetbaar?
  • Eetwaar=Eetbaar?
  • Mileugeneeskunde

Recent news facts

Hart-to-Hart Project

"Kiedy mówisz do kogoś w języku, który on rozumie, trafiasz do jego głowy. Kiedy mówisz do niego w jego ojczystym języku, trafiasz do jego serca.”

Nelson Mandela
Yes, I'm in!

Do you join us?

"We are looking for people willing to help by, for example, answer questions for people who are less good in speak or write a foreign language. When you live abroad and speak, in addition to Dutch, German or English, also Polish, Hungarian, Spanish, Italian or any other foreign language, we seek your help for people who live in these countries and have problems with running a test or with the treatment of, for example HPU. Often these people can’t find help locally and they are designated on a foreign language. Sometimes they find completely wrong information. Or come in the hands of people who are just out of their money. Would you like to translate an email now and then to Dutch, German or English, so I can answer, and then translate the answer back to the language you master or your native language, you can help this people. If you would like to do, please sign up."
We are for a better world.