IgG4 Allergy Screening


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    • If you do not indicate a doctor / medical specialist as an applicant on the form, you must pay 21% VAT.
    • For all 24-hour tests, € 7.50 for material / shipping costs is added to the price of the test.

    Product beschrijving

    The production of IgG antibodies takes place virtually everywhere and is not dependent on hereditary factors such as atopy. Even when no allergy could be detected on a regular basis, food sensitivity can be found with IgG research.

    Due to new highly sensitive techniques developed in the laboratory of the KEAC, only very little blood is needed for a comprehensive IgG4 screening, namely 80 μl. For an allergy examination, one tube of blood is more than enough. You can make an appointment at the center for blood collection or request a special flower collection kit for blood collection in your place of residence. In the meantime, it is also possible to have an IgG food screening carried out by means of a finger prick test. This is ideal for children, patients who are panic for blood collection or spasmophilia patients who often become unwell after a blood test.

    Yes / no food intollerance test

    If you doubt whether these reactions play a role in your complaints, it is better to do the yes / no test instead of a costly screening, so that you can be certain that food will be found or not. With migraine and irritable bowel syndrome, it has been scientifically proven that IgG antibodies play a role. Other studies are still ongoing and have not yet been published. This test costs about thirty euros and tests at 87 different food allergens in one go.

    Vals-negative tests

    If you have not consumed a food product for a longer period of time (at least three months) or have not come into contact with it, the result may be negative, although you may have been allergic to this in the past. In principle, you are therefore no longer allergic to that food, but after a few days the reaction can start again. If you have not eaten many foods for a long time, it is not always useful to have an extensive allergy test. We are happy to inform you about this.

    Proof that IgG-allergy exists

    Meanwhile, there are strong indications for a number of diseases that IgG allergy / intolerance is responsible for this. These reactions are referred to in the United Kingdom as ‘Food Intolerance’. For IBS (spastic bowel) and migraine, studies have been done to demonstrate this. In 2004, the first publication appeared confirming the link between IBS and IgG food reactions. Prof. dr. N. Read Chairman of IBS Network stated:

    This is the first time that a change in diet based on a commercially available blood test, which tests for food intolerance, is subject to scientific research and appears to be effective. It seems that the IgG blood test, a useful advice, to implement changes in the diet, in the context of self-help in IBS (spastic intestine). That is why the IBS Network recommends this test to our members”.

    How big the problem in regular medicine is, is well described by allergist Prof. dr. J. Brostoff in a broadcast of the BBC. When asked what a patient with food intolerance should do, Prof. J. Brostoff replied:

    “Going to the doctor should be the answer, but most doctors are not interested in food intolerance and certainly not trained in diagnosing it. As long as medical students are not taught about food intolerance, our doctors cannot be familiar with this. That is why patients themselves must try to find help in some way.
    “We offer you this help through this test, which has been developed in the Netherlands and has been used for more than 25 years. Over 85% of our patients who have had this test performed are very satisfied with this test. The advantage of this test over others is that the allergens come from the Netherlands and neighboring countries and not from the USA or Australia.O