Tests para carega de metales pesados

The (structural) damage to cells is always caused by free radicals, whether the nature of the cause is physical, chemical or biological. Changing life and eating habits, industrialization, technology and the alienation of nature have led to a significant increase of the load of free radicals on the human body. Almost 80% of all metabolic disorders are caused by pollution mainly by heavy metals. One must imagine that free cupper, not bound to a protein act as a heavy metal. How significant the influence of heavy metal ions can be, is shown by the study of Blumer and Reich*. They found a 900 times increase of certain types of tumors during a high load of lead. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) at least 60% of all chronical and acute diseases are mainly related to heavy metal intoxication.

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Lately the antagonism of zinc – copper and iron – calcium is more and more associated with defects in the immune system and certain metabolic disorders. It is now clear that vitamin D3 plays an important role in the balance between cupper, zinc, magnesium and iron. Intoxication, by inorganic zinc for instance, can possibly lead to the expel of calcium, iron and copper from the human body. These missing substances can be completed with supplements, but removing heavy metals by therapy is more effective. Antioxidant therapy is nowadays promoted by regular hospitals and general practitioners. When using this therapy it is important to know exactly which heavy metal is present, and the proportion of it. Current methods for the determination of heavy metals are time consuming and expensive. Besides, the result of zinc and copper determination by flame photometry is rather disappointing. Due to the preparation of the serum, it is no longer possible to determine whether the zinc or copper was present in the organic form or the undesired inorganic form. For this new methods are developed based on the measurement of cupper, zinc and ceruloplasmin, in order to calculate free cupper, (organic)bound cupper and the ratio.
With the heavy metal test the presence of free heavy metal radicals in the body can be determined in minutes. The both qualitative and quantitative test is simple and inexpensive. In addition, it is possible to determine mercury poising caused by dental amalgam fillings. Almost all substances and materials in distilled water can be tested on the presence of heavy metals as well. This means that medical diagnostics is not only possible in urine, but in the environment of the patient as well.

Certain heavy metal tests in urine require determination in less than 24 hours, delivery by shipping is therefore not possible.

*Blumer, W. and T. Reich (1980) Leaded gasoline – A cause of can­c­er. E­nvi­r­o­n­m­e­n­tal I­n­t­e­r­n­a­t­i­o­nal 1­9­8­0­(­3), 465.